Strategic Partners

We are very fortunate to work with some outstanding partners in the energy industry, some of whom are listed below. We are always interested in developing partnerships that help us bring more value to our clients. If you are interested in pursuing a partnership with any of the TESLA group of companies, please contact us.

Catalyst Commodities Ltd

Catalyst Commodities Ltd offers both advisory services and forecasting products, the later in partnership with TESLA. Catalyst Commodities’ objective is to enable more effective and profitable decisions in European energy markets.

DTN (previously MeteoGroup)

DTN delivers actionable insights to empower customers’ success in the agriculture, energy, weather, financial analytics and transportation markets. DTN provide independent actionable insights to the Nth Degree. Insights that drive some of the world’s largest and smallest companies forward.

Energy Market Services

Energy Market Services (EMS) delivers metering and market services to New Zealand electricity market participants and hosts em6, the leading source of up-to-date electricity market information. The em6 platform also delivers the industry’s most accurate GXP and RCPD forecasts from TESLA Asia Pacific Ltd.


ENERPIQ CONSULTING P.C. is a boutique commodities trading and risk management consultancy firm with extensive international experience that specialises in the CSEE region. Our mandate is to assist our clients to engineer trading strategies to optimally monetise the new opportunities that the energy transition is ushering in a risk prudent fashion. Our latest collaboration with TESLA group of companies enables us to offer our clients best-in-class demand forecasting solutions that greatly assist us in fulfilling our mandate.

EPSI Platform

Genscape provides unparalleled data and analysis to commodity and energy markets. Genscape’s EPSI platform is focused on insight development using market intelligence and powerful fundamentals-based scenario analysis tools.

Green Services and Consulting (Green SAC)

Green Services and Consulting (Green SAC) of Peru provides turnkey projects and services for PV projects, storage projects (BESS), energy efficiency and services to Peru that are focused on decarbonization, technology innovation, and safety.  TESLA provides load forecasts to Green’s proprietary software that helps identify peak hours to users.

Green Services and Consulting SAC de Perú ofrece proyectos y servicios llave en mano para proyectos fotovoltaicos, proyectos de almacenamiento (BESS), eficiencia energética y servicios a Perú que se centran en la descarbonización, la innovación tecnológica y la seguridad.  TESLA proporciona pronósticos de demanda eléctrica al software propietario de Green que ayuda a identificar las horas de máxima demanda a los usuarios.

Japan Weather Association

Japan Weather Association (JWA), which was established in 1950, provides consulting services which related to weather forecast, including renewable energy, environmental impact assessment, air pollution analysis, and disaster prevention/mitigation, and safety management. In the energy industry, JWA provide highly accurate forecast services (weather, energy demand, renewable energy generation, and electric market price) to companies in Japan and abroad.



Maxar provides multi-source data collection, enrichment, and analytic capabilities that reveal unique geospatial information and insights where and when it matters most.  Our combined team of over 1,000 aerospace engineers, geospatial analysts, weather and ocean experts, software developers, data scientists, and DevOps engineers apply disruptive technology and our unique intellectual property to both national security and commercial problems.  The weather products and services are world renowned throughout the commodity markets assisting client decision making processes in the energy and agricultural sectors.  Special weather reports focus on key market-moving concerns and 24/7/365 consultation is provided for clients worldwide.

MetService and MetraWeather

The Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd (MetService), and its international commercial business, MetraWeather, provide high accuracy weather forecasts for energy clients around the world. These weather forecasts have been independently verified as the most accurate in the market and also include valuable probabilistic information to understand risk. MetService/MetraWeather provide forecasting and briefing services directly to market operators, generators, traders and networks to inform key business and operational decisions. MetService/MetraWeather’s forecasts are also now available as an input to TESLA’s load forecasts in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. MetService is the national weather service provider for New Zealand and a panel member of the World Meteorological Organization.

Power Risk Management & Solutions

PRMS is a boutique consultancy specializing in risk management for the Japanese power market. Backed by experience in the Japanese power market through all levels of liberalization and decades of financial expertise, PRMS provides the necessary ideas and tools to navigate the rapidly evolving Japanese power market.


Skipping Stone

Skipping Stone is a global energy markets consulting and technology services firm and works with clients across the diverse, yet intersecting, industry segments within the electric and natural gas marketplace to help clients navigate market changes, capitalize on opportunities, and manage business risks. Our specialty is developing growth ideas based on the shifting dynamics and trends in the energy market.  For more than two decades, Skipping Stone has assisted over 280 energy clients worldwide with thousands of successful projects and initiatives.


Solcast operates a global, rapid update solar forecasting system, specializing in behind the meter and utility scale solar forecasts for grid operators. Solcast provides behind the meter solar forecasting data, organized by major energy market regions and transmission network assets to TESLA Asia Pacific, in order to improve the performance of load forecasting wherever high penetrations of rooftop solar are present.