Arizona Public Service’s Day Ahead Trading Improved

APS is the largest electric utility in Arizona, United States. With 6,500 MW of generating capacity, APS serves more than one million customers in 11 counties throughout most of the state. From APS’s perspective, power generation from rooftop PV is essentially negative demand, contributing to the duck curve in APS’s daily load profile. Significant challenges...

October 28, 2019

Serving the UK’s Biggest Energy Provider

As the largest supplier of energy to the United Kingdom, Centrica’s demand forecasting needs are complex and wide ranging. The variety and magnitude of the company’s customer base represents a welcome challenge to TESLA and its demand models. Read more about how TESLA’s accurate load forecasts helped improve Centrica’s planning decisions here....

September 8, 2017

Improving forecast accuracy for Mercury’s retail portfolio

Mercury is a New Zealand electricity generation and electricity retailing company. Mercury has about a 15 percent share of New Zealand electricity sales and supplies all segments of the market. All of the company’s electricity generation is renewable. Read more about how TESLA helped Mercury to improve the forecast accuracy of their retail portfolios. Mercury Case...

April 4, 2017