Evaluation of Probabilistic Load Forecasts at ISGT

TESLA Forecasting is proud to highlight Henry Chen’s upcoming presentation at the International Symposium on Grid Technology (ISGT). His talk, titled “Evaluation of Electricity Demand Probabilistic Forecasts,” will offer a comprehensive look into progressive methods in energy demand forecasting.

During this session, attendees will gain insights into:

  • The evolving role of probabilistic forecasts in energy market analysis.
  • How advanced statistical techniques are being employed to refine forecasting accuracy.
  • Practical case studies demonstrating the real-world application of these methods.

Henry’s presentation is a perfect opportunity for those in the energy sector, including grid managers and energy traders, to deepen their understanding of contemporary forecasting approaches and their impact on energy management.

Join Henry at ISGT next week for an informative exploration into the future of energy forecasting.

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