Pioneering the Energy Industry: TESLA’s Upcoming Participation at CIGRE NZ 2023 Winter Workshop

TESLA Forecasting Solutions: Shaping the Future at CIGRE NZ 2023 Winter Workshop

The energy industry is on the brink of a transformation. At the forefront of this change is TESLA Forecasting Solutions, championing innovative solutions in electricity, natural gas, steam, wind generation, solar generation, and demand forecasting. As part of our commitment to fueling industry progression, we are excited to announce our sponsorship and participation in the upcoming CIGRE NZ 2023 Winter Workshop on July 12-13, 2023.

The CIGRE NZ 2023 Technical Workshops are global platforms where experts and key stakeholders collaborate, sharing experiences and technical knowledge on the practical challenges and methodologies as our sector transitions into the future. This year, we are proud to have our Senior Forecasting Analyst, Asaad Mohammad, present his insights at the workshop dinner.

2023 NZ Winter Power Demand: TESLA’s Key Insights

In his engaging 10-minute presentation, Asaad will delve into the crucial factors shaping 2023’s NZ winter power demand outlook and trends. Key points of his talk include:

  • The driving forces behind power demand
  • Reasons for the growing peak winter demand
  • Understanding Weather Adjusted Load
  • Historical analysis of average and peak load growth trends
  • Total demand projection for Winter 2023
  • Weather conditions impacting energy usage

By shedding light on these critical elements, Asaad will underscore how TESLA’s robust forecasting solutions help navigate the challenges of the energy sector and contribute to its progression towards a sustainable and efficient future.

CIGRE’s New Zealand National Committee (NZNC)

The NZNC represents CIGRE in New Zealand, encouraging local industry interest in CIGRE’s activities and fostering networking, skill enhancement, and cooperation with similar organisations. By offering a platform to present NZ expertise to the global community, the NZNC plays a pivotal role in the NZ electricity supply industry’s evolution.

Looking Forward

As the CIGRE NZ 2023 Winter Workshop draws nearer, we are inspired by the collective dedication of industry experts collaborating to actualise a more sustainable, efficient energy future. TESLA Forecasting Solutions is honoured to actively contribute to this transformative journey.

Stay tuned for more updates about the event and other exciting developments from TESLA.

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