Press Release: TESLA Asia Pacific, Skipping Stone, and PRMS Launch Innovative Electricity Market Forward Curve Software for the Japanese Market

Tokyo, JP (July 18, 2023)

Announcing the Partnership

TESLA Asia Pacific (TESLA), Skipping Stone, and Power Risk Management & Solutions (PRMS) are pleased to announce their partnership and collaboration to develop and now offer Japan Market Forward Curves software. The partnership combines the extensive risk management and Japan power trading expertise of PRMS, the global risk management expertise of Skipping Stone and the energy forecasting and software development expertise of TESLA.

Features of Japan Market Forward Curves

The Japan Market Forward Curves are available for both Tokyo and Kansai with half-hourly values that extend over a two-year horizon. Curve data is refreshed daily after futures market closing. The Japan Market Forward Curve is unique in that it is assembled from more accurate market rather than fundamental data. Globally forward curves are a foundational element used for customer pricing, trading strategies, hedging, portfolio valuation, mark to market calculations and a host of standard risk management uses.

How to Access the Japan Market Forward Curve

TESLA is offering multiple ways for customers to access The Japan Market Forward Curve. It can be added to the TESLA Japan bundle or purchased ala carte. Clients can view the curve on TESLA’s market leading visualization platform and access it via API for easy integration with customer supply, pricing, analytics and risk systems.

Expert Opinions

Ryutaro Sameshima, Founder and CEO of PRMS Inc., stated, “This collaboration represents a significant milestone in power risk management methodology for the Japan market. Together, we will deliver a service that leverages advanced forecasting technologies, risk analysis methodologies, and industry-leading expertise to provide clients with unparalleled insights and strategies.”

“The Japan Market Forward Curve is a major enhancement to TESLA’s Japan offering. It compliments fundamental load, weather and intermittent generation forecasts we already provide to give users a much more robust view of the market,” said Tetsuya Totsuka, Japan Business Development Manager of TESLA Asia Pacific Ltd.

“As we advise Japanese energy companies on global risk management best practices, it became obvious a gap in the tools available in Japan was market based forward curve software. To fill that gap this collaboration pulled from Mr. Sameshima’s modeling expertise, TESLA’s leading forecasting solutions and our global knowledge of how to utilize the tool,” said Hiroshi Okuyama, Skipping Stone, GK President. “The Japan Market Forward Curve is a step toward Japanese power companies having access to best practices tools that are modified to fit Japan’s unique market structures,” continued Mr. Okuyama.

Please contact Tetsuya Totsuka, Business Development Manager, TESLA if you would like a demonstration of the Japan Market Forward Curve.


TESLA is a global leader in energy forecasting solutions. With over three decades of experience, TESLA serves over 200 utility clients globally. TESLA has been providing Japanese power retailers, traders and transmission system operators with reliable power demand forecasts since 2017. The firm has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Romania, and Japan.

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About Power Risk Management & Solutions

PRMS is a boutique consultancy specializing in risk management for the Japanese power market. Backed by experience in the Japanese power market through all levels of liberalization and decades of financial expertise, PRMS provides the necessary ideas and tools to navigate the rapidly evolving Japanese power market.

About Skipping Stone

Skipping Stone is an energy consulting and technology services firm that assists a wide variety of market participants to navigate market changes, capitalize on opportunities and manage business risks. Skipping Stone has delivered measurable bottom-line results for over 270 clients globally. Headquartered in Boston, the firm has offices in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, and London.

Media Contacts

Tetsuya Totsuka

Risa Nakayama

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テスラアジアパシフィック(以下テスラ、所在地:ニュージーランド オークランド市)、スキッピングストーン合同会社(以下スキッピングストーン、所在地:東京都港区)、Power Risk Management & Solutions株式会社 (以下PRMS、所在地:東京都文京区)は、電力市場マーケットフォワードカーブソフトウェアの開発及びサービス提供にかかるパートナーシップを締結し、この度その開発が完了したことを発表いたします。このパートナーシップは、PRMSの広範な電力市場リスク管理と取引管理に関するノウハウ、スキッピングストーンの欧米電力先進市場におけるリスク管理ベストプラクティス及びソフトウェアにかかる知見、そしてテスラの優れた電力需要予測及びプラットフォーム開発力を結集し可能となったものです。




PRMS社 代表取締役 鮫島隆太郎氏


テスラ社 事業開発部長兼電力需要アナリスト 戸塚徹哉氏


スキッピングストーン社 代表取締役社長 奥山博司氏

「これまで日本の電力事業会社様にグローバル水準のリスク管理ベストプラクティスのアドバイスを行っていく上で、有効利用出来るマーケット由来の30分毎フォワードカーブが存在していないという事は明らかでした。 このギャップを埋めるため、今回のコラボレーションでは鮫島氏のモデリング専門知識、テスラの先進的な需要予測ソリューション、そしてツールの活用方法に関する当社の欧米電力先進市場での知見を活用しました。マーケットフォワードカーブは日本の電力関連企業様が日本独自の市場構造に合わせたリスク管理のベストプラクティスツールを利用できるようになるための大きな第一歩です」。