TESLA Asia Pacific: Jiji-Press Reports on New Tokyo Office Opening


Jiji-Press, one of the major Japanese newspaper companies, recently reported the exciting news of TESLA Asia Pacific’s opening of a new office in Japan. This move comes as part of TESLA’s ongoing commitment to strengthen services for its Japanese customers.

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2023/04/11 09:16 [Japanese] 

Author: Junichi Koyoda





2023/04/16 [English] 

◎NZ Tesla Asia Pacific Opens Japan Office = Strengthening Electricity Demand Forecasting Services in Japan 

TESLA Asia Pacific, a New Zealand company specializing in electricity and gas demand forecasting, opened a Japan office in Tokyo on April 10, and announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Japanese subsidiary of Skipping Stone in Tokyo, a US electricity and gas consulting firm. The company plans to strengthen its services for Japanese customers in the future. 

 TESLA established its European subsidiary in 1992 and its U.S. subsidiary in 1995. Asia Pacific was established in 2010. The TESLA group of companies have more than 200 customers, including electric power companies, trading companies, and retailers in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. The company entered the Japanese market in 2017, providing electricity demand forecasting. This TESLA Group is not affiliated with the US electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla. 

 TESLA’s demand forecasting model features hourly forecasts that are updated with weather forecast information. 14-day short-term forecasts provide an accurate grasp of ever-changing electricity demand. The mid- to long-term forecast provides scenario-based demand forecasts based on historical weather data. 

 Tony Baker, Managing Director of TESLA Asia Pacific, commented, “Our Japanese offering and client base has grown tremendously since we first entered the Japan market in 2017 after our high score in TEPCO’s Load Forecasting Technology Contest. We are excited to take it to the next level with a new office in Tokyo and dedicated staff to continue providing our clients with the gold standard TESLA service.” Hiroshi Okuyama, President of Skipping Stone Japan, said, ” We are excited to partner with TESLA to provide business development support and more importantly work with TESLA and their Japanese clients to develop and implement new customized solutions” (End) 


The recent Jiji-Press report highlights the significant milestone of TESLA Asia Pacific’s expansion into Japan with the opening of their new Tokyo office. The strategic partnership with Skipping Stone further emphasizes TESLA’s commitment to providing exceptional services to their Japanese customers. With a growing presence in Japan, TESLA Asia Pacific is well-positioned to strengthen its services and contribute to the region’s energy landscape.

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