TESLA’s Asia Pacific BDM Appointed to the World Energy Council

TESLA is extremely proud of Mark Todoroff, our Asia Pacific Business Development Director, who has been appointed to the World Energy Council future energy leaders’ programme!

Mark has fantastic exposure to energy industries in many countries now, not only being BDM of Asia Pacific but leading our Asia Pacific estimation team, which forecasts electricity and gas demand in many different countries.

With Mark’s knowledge of many different electricity markets and how they behave, it would be difficult to find someone who could bring more to the table.

FEL-100, is a group of 100 talented young energy leaders from across the world coming together to shape the global energy agenda.

FEL-100 hosts a new generation of leaders to develop skills and expertise in an international environment, benefiting all member countries.

The programme gives young professionals a stage to share locally produced ideas with the rest of the world and brings the best global thinking to New Zealand.

Future Energy Leaders | World Energy Council