Winter Power Demand Outlook 2023: Insights from Presentation at the 2023 Chief Executive and Chair Forum

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Auckland, NZ – TESLA Asia Pacific’s Managing Director, Tony Baker, and Business Development Director, Mark Todoroff, recently took center stage at the 2023 Chief Executive and Chair Forum, delivering an insightful presentation on the ‘Winter Power Demand Outlook 2023‘. This timely and crucial forecast bears significant implications for the power sector.

Presentation Highlights

Their presentation delved into the growing winter peak demand, the ongoing transition from fossil fuels, and the ripple effect within the industry caused by the absence of a transmission peak load pricing signal. Our innovative modelling approach to project the peak load for August 15, 2023, using data from 2011, was a standout feature of the presentation, offering fresh perspectives on potential peak loads.

At TESLA Asia Pacific, we are dedicated to providing expert forecasting solutions. The detailed analysis and forecasting methodologies demonstrated during this presentation encapsulate the commitment, innovation, and thought leadership that define our approach.

To delve deeper into the details of the presentation, we invite you to view the attached slides. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates and insights from TESLA Asia Pacific.

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Author: Coco Ding