Delivery Options

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access your forecasting solutions. That’s why we offer a variety of delivery options to suit your organizational needs and preferences. There are three primary delivery methods:


We deliver our forecasting solutions as CSV files via s/FTP, HTTPS using TESLAWeb, API, or a combination thereof.  CSV outputs are very convenient for use in downstream applications and interfaces. Our TESLAWeb interface offers the opportunity to interact with your solutions and directly access tools like Comparable Days and Temperature Sensitivity. Your custom TESLA system is crafted and installed in our secure datacenter and mirrored at a secondary location to allow seamless service provision in the event of any temporary disruptions. Allowing us to host your TESLA system allows us the easiest access to provide support.


We can also install your TESLA system on a server on your organization’s internal network. From that server, users all over your organization can access their forecasting solutions. Your TESLA system behaves the same whether we host it or you do. You can still get CSV outputs and still use thin client applications to interact with your forecasting solutions. On-site installation provides the additional benefit of protecting access to your forecasting solutions in the event your organization is disconnected from the internet or from us. Our Support staff will work with your organization’s IT staff for installation and ongoing support.


We can take an on-site installation all the way down to a single user’s desktop. The TESLA system can be self-contained and is not overly resource intensive. This allows that user unimpeded access to manipulate their forecasting solutions and maximize their potential.